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Maddy searched the kitchen for food for the barbeque. The sound of his mom in the kitchen had roused him from his bed. "We can't do that again." Maddy's hand pressed against Kyle's chest to keep him away, but it didn't fully succeed. Kyle admired his dad's ability to focus on the task without seeming to mind the heat. Images of his mom's nude body, under his, filled his head. He takes after his father." Maddy felt flustered, being reminded of Kyle. "If he's anything like my son, he must be bouncing off the walls.

Kyle had undressed her on the loveseat in the living room, while Carl had watched T. Her body had convulsed with the orgasm Kyle had given her with his furious fucking. She would have to find a way to convince him that, no matter how good it had felt, they couldn't do it again. She pulled on shorts and a t-shirt over a bra and panties, anticipating another sweltering summer day ahead. Once settled into his chair in front of the television, however, and with the last three beers from the refrigerator at his side, Carl wouldn't get out until the game was over.

He pressed his finger against the slit underneath, and he felt the bikini give way just a little. Maddy's body wasn't cooperating with her conscience. He stood just far enough from Maddy that it would look from a distance like they were having an innocent conversation. It found the furrow of his mom's sex under the bikini and traced it, up and down. It felt good to Maddy, too, although it made her feel guilty.

She pushed the mound between her legs forward, slightly, against Kyle's fingers. "I did a lot more than that last night, and we both loved it. Maddy backed up against the side of the pool to brace herself. But she lifted a leg to give Kyle more access to her body, anyway.

In blue letters on this day's date Maddy had written "METEOR SHOWER." Maddy had read that the meteor shower that night was supposed to be one of the best in years. Her hand pressed firmly against his chest, and it stopped him from kissing her. He looked away toward the direction of his parents' bedroom, to make sure his dad didn't stumble on them. It was sweltering outside when Kyle and his dad, finally, went into the backyard to fix the sprinklers.

She had talked to Carl and Kyle about having a late-night barbeque in the backyard and staying up to midnight to watch the stars fall. As she opened cupboards over the kitchen counter, Maddy suddenly felt a hand press against her ass. Kyle had wakened early, and lain awake in his bed, the events of the night before playing back in his mind, over and over. I want you, mom." "Kyle, what happened last night -- it wasn't right," she said. He probably would have a hangover, Kyle thought, but even if he did he'd wonder what his son was doing with his arms around his wife in the kitchen. In no time, his body was covered in sweat and dirt as they knelt in the yard to dig up the sprinkler heads. I don't think he's dated at all since he got back home from school." "Well," said Emma.

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He didn't know it, but his mom was thinking the same thing and trying not to betray her thoughts to her son. The idea of her son, and his lean, hard young body, pursuing her and taking her, was thrilling.

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