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However, the two finally found some closure in the season finale when they had a heart-to-heart after Carl spent the night with another woman in the house and decided that a romantic relationship probably wasn't for them. I was with her on Saturday night," Carl told earlier this month. "She cares about her sister and wants her sister to have a good time but also meet the right guy and all those things.But after summer turned to fall, and fall into winter, Carl and Lauren have remained as tight as ever through it all. "I think we're both kind of in this position where she works full-time. I've got a lot going on." But it seemed as though Carl hasn't completely ruled out a romantic future with Lauren. So I struggled a little bit." Carl's -mate Kyle Cooke said that living with a bunch of friends for the summer has a way of speeding up the progression of a relationship, which is why Carl and Lauren seemed to dive into a romance so quickly at the beginning of the season.

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"We're not boyfriend-girlfriend, but we're definitely great friends. "I'm hoping maybe to get back involved with her maybe this summer and have some more fun, just kind of see where that goes." Of course, getting involved with Lauren also meant having to deal with her twin, Ashley Wirkus, who often expressed concern over her sister's judgment and whether Carl had her best interests at heart. "You spend so much time together, you're gonna see a lot unfold in a short amount of time.

I mean, 11 weeks sounds like a long time, but so much can kind of transpire," Kyle told Kyle said that he tried to steer Carl away from hooking up with one of his roommates before the summer began, which clearly didn't work.

pair engaged in a heavy flirtmance right from the start of the season.

But after weeks of ups and downs filled with makeout seshes with each other, as well as other people, it increasingly became unclear where things stood between Carl and Lauren.

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