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The following are several recommended LDS chat sites that are free to use.Always remember that you should be cautious when communitacing via the internet and never give personal information to anyone.“I love the lord and I bear witness of him in our lives.All of this tonight has meaning and significance and hope. All of this has substance and significance tonight because of God the Eternal Father, his Only Begotten Son and the power of the Holy Ghost in our lives as the three great members of the Godhead who are committed all day and all night to our health and our happiness.” “I promise you that wonderful, wonderful things are in store for each one of you, that if you could see your future you would be more ecstatic than I would be able to describe or that you would be able to contain.I created this page because there aren't a lot of teen support groups in general and when there are they only cover just one or two things.

All three guest shared what makes happy marriages, with Elder Holland stating emphatically that happy marriages are the rule, not the exception.

And this community is to help teens have the chance to vent and talk. Be kind and supportive of each other (if anyone is in the LGBTQ community we will not criticize or judge we will love and accept them for who they are because that is the commandment and example we want to share)4.

Please keep posts related to the community's purpose: to obtain or give help and support.

All agreed that marriages take work and all who are married must be committed to that idea.

Sister Stephens spoke powerfully that we all are under covenant to serve whether we wear a name tag or not when a question was asked about sisters being judged for not serving full-time missions.

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