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Hollow ware and other pieces are best researched in the catalogs too. Some earlier styles only appear in the 1910 -1920’s catalogs. Also in the date marks section is information on how to date the subtle changes in the Rose pattern over the years. If you have any information, photos, catalogs, pamphlets or price guides and can scan or loan them to me, they will be added to the site.I am also wanting to hear from former employees of Stieff and hear their stories.

Be wary of people that will appraise your silver and then quickly offer to buy it.

and those have been reprinted over and over almost becoming conventional wisdom. Those papers and internal documents have helped me assist dozens of others in their research projects of family silver, as well as those looking to sell silver on sites like e Bay. THEY ALL ADDED TO THE VALUE AND QUALITY OF THE SILVER AND PEWTER.

Where my dating is different from “conventional wisdom” I have noted these differences and have provided the background to support the correct date* *A classic example of this is Lady Claire shown as 1925 in some books. STIEFF II DIED ON MAY 17, 2014 Charles was Vice President of Sales and a Member of the Board of Directors. YOU CAN HELP ME DEFRAY THE COST OF PRODUCING THIS SITE WITH A SMALL CONTRIBUTION.

Antique crystal has been treasured by owners and graced tables for more than 400 years and its story is just as sparkling today.

Collecting stemware takes some research and time to learn the basics, but the results will be unmatched.

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I thank those that have already shared their histories and documents with me. It was during those years Stieff expanded the pewter operations and bought Schofield and S. Rich provided me with wonderful in-house work materials, blueprints, photos, the pattern book, catalogs and memories of working at Stieff. MONEY, TO HOST THE SITE AND TO BUY THE CATALOGS, PAMPHLETS, PRICE LISTS AND MORE THAT ARE REPRODUCED HERE AS AN EDUCATIONAL TOOL. ABOUT A DOZEN EMAILS A WEEK COME IN ASKING FOR HELP IDENTIFYING A PARTICULAR PATTERN OR IN AREAS WHERE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION IS NEEDED. YOU WILL NOT FIND ANY OTHER SITE OUT THERE LIKE THIS ONE... THIS SITE HONORS THE MEN AND WOMEN THAT WORKED AT STIEFF...

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