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Although no official announcement of the appointment has been made, it's imderstood that Klein has signed a contract to act as the Beatles' business manager for one year. The first specially designed trailer has been received by Muntz at his Van Nuys factory and will be placed shortly In either Glendale or Burbank. He was instrumental in setting the recording deals for Miss Nyro, Johnny Winter and the Pacific Gas & Electric CLUB REVIEW Company, and he was involved in the deal between Crosby, Stills & Nash and Atlantic Rec- ords. Listener Requests Holman stated that Simpson relies a lot on listener requests and Simpson admits that "Ro- meo and Juliet" by Henry Man- cini was found via the phone. There's the chance of hypes from kids and when WOHO tested "Special Delivery" for Buddah, nothing happened dur- ing a two-week trial period. Miss Bruner has inaugurated many new projects, and brought much fresh thinking to the promo field. what interests me is trying to lift standards in the Canadian industry in all areas. I think that may be why we've enjoyed the success we have thus far." The first record pressed by Quality Records of Canada came off the line in February, 1950.

NKW YORK — Avco Km- bassy Pictures is the lalcsl lilni company lo move into the rec- ord business. CBS direct marketing services division, based in New York. Bill Robert named national promotion director of Imperial Records. * ★ * Bud Hayden, formerly West Coast promotion executive with the Tom Wilson production operations, is joining Straight Rec- ords, the label headed by Herb Cohen and Frank Zappa in Los Angeles. A special slide presentation was used by Hall in telling the AST story to the distributors and in unfolding details of the ad drive. BLFP; "I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know." Livin' End. The culture is much deeper, and therefore it is difficult to reconcile the two markets.

The latter samplers will promote the fact ihat RCA equipment is compatible with Pocketdisc. "Fu- ture records lor the label will be negotiated on an individual p r od uc t ba s i s — if at all." sa i d Cosby. Cosby made it clear he would not return lo Warner Bros.-Seven Arts Records as a recording artist. The units will be inserted in Concertone's 20-model line. BH: "Games People Play," Freddy Weller and Tommy Overstrcel. Arc vice-president Bill Gilliland remarked: "The recently announced Arc-MCA deal was step one of our 'contemporary artist' international plan. EXPERIENCED IN ALL phases of masterlnc, Inctudlnf half- speed and 30. Presently employed and will relocate, Session, mixing and editing experience also. Box 578, C O Billboard, 2160 Patterwn St., Clnclnna U. my M AMBITIOUS HAN, AGE S», DESIRES rslllon with growing record company, years' experience with rack and dis- tributor.

RCA is also donating eight Pocketdisc-compatible players for local Detroit disk jockey contests. -Seven Arts Rec- ords to record for his own label Tclragrammaton. Cosby iind CSC will conitnuc to participate in each other's en- terprises under a new agree- ment, including Cosby's TV se- ries, specials and two proposetl animated shows. Promotion The emphasis on the Concer- tone brand will include expand- ed marketing and merchandis- ing, heavy consumer and trade promotions and a revitalized distribution set - up, said Jack Cummings, Monarch's new marketing vice-president. During the period May I, 1969, through April 30, 1970, we'll negotiate deals on two or three more artists with U. based international companies like MCA, CBS or RCA. Box 574, c/o Bill- board, 2160 Patterson St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45114.

off-again business part- nership belwecn Bill Cosby and (he Campbell, Silver. The high volume, multiple store locations include the K- Marls. Arrangements have alsi been set for broad sampling to be conducted in the market place. Initial move in that direction came when Monarch acquired Kalof Electronics' three-model, 8-track cartridge player line from James Kelso and Ed Ben- chik, who purchased the line from Kalof Aluminum (Bill- board, April 24, 1968). (KRDS), Bob Pond, Program/Music Director, Personality BP: "You Don't Need Me For Any- thing Anymore," Karon Rondell, Co- lumbia. Gary's unique approach to C & W music has established him as an artists' artist in Nashville circles. Although Arc Sound up to this point in its develop- ment, has designated only 25 per cent of its total production budget to contemporary music, it has been one of Canada's most successful Top Forty producers, reportedly scoring more Canadian major market chart successes over the past few years than all other labels combined, excluding those producing for the French Canadian market.

including Pocketdisc samples which will be distribut- ed by RCA Sales Corp. Silver and re- corded live at Harrah's in Lake Tahoc. Los Angeles, as national electronics sales manager. The Kalof line, which consists of an auto 8-track listing at .95, an auto 4 and 8-track compatible at .95, and a 8- track with deck, will be manu- factured at Cal-Best Electronics, a Monarch - owned company. BLFP; "3,000,000 Unmarried Women in Georgia," Benny Martin, Stop. BLFH: "You've Got Me Sing- ing Nursery Rhymes," Jcannic C. Toledo, Ohio (WTOD) Don Williams, Program Director BP: "I'm a Good Man," Jack Reno, Dot. His latest album, "Tomorrow, Today", tells it like it is. Among the now internationally known acts Arc has worked with are The Paupers, The Sugar Shoppe and David Clayton-Thomas.

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