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His younger brother Edwin is his trusted accomplice and lackey.

For years, what Derek wanted, Edwin delivered, such as doing Derek's school projects.

Derek usually doesn't understand why Marti likes Casey and sometimes considers her a "liability" when he and Casey are competing, but he always forgives Marti and always lets her try again.

They call each other Smarti and Smerek, and they have a secret handshake.

However, along with the rest of the Venturis, Derek is afraid of mice.Now, with the appearance of two new sisters, Edwin is reconsidering his position.In the series, Edwin seems to always stick to Derek's side.In the last episode it's revealed that they both attend the same college.Derek and Lizzie have an unspoken "live and let live" policy.

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Through the whole episode, he is pondering whether to do "the right thing" to help Casey, and in the end, he does.

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