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In a minute, the other three hostages came out.“Good job, Chrissy,” the lieutenant said.

Just put the gun down.”“Just stop right there,” Fusco said.“Dad. Close your eyes.”As abruptly as time had slowed, it suddenly flashed forward. Fusco grabbed the girl with one hand, aimed his gun with the other. “Stop him.”“Close your eyes, Chrissy.”“Dad, .”“I love you, Chrissy. ”It was very loud and bright and fast, and then it was slow and hot and Tommy Fitzgerald fell down. Fusco glanced around at the other cops and guessed the guy had six, eight holes in him. Squeezed the trigger and shouted, “Chrissy, close your eyes! He’d fallen forward, so the bullet wounds weren’t easy to see. He waited for the girl to start screaming or crying, or maybe to faint. She was pale, and her skin was cold under his hand.

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