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It takes me over an hour to get to the center as I live north off the city.

It took 2 hours for Smart Start to get back to them to tell them how to start my car...

Without warning it will emit a loud squeal if a loud blow is required.

This damn thing goes off when I'm on the highway during rush hour, distracting me from driving and potentially putting my life at risk!!

The farm produced many crops over several generations, mainly tobacco and vegetables; and provided a lively hood on these crops.

It cost me just about double what I thought I would pay due to my car.

The first day I had it I ended up with a lock code due to not blowing in time.

I have no place to put the mouthpiece except in my console.

If you go into a store for a few minutes and come back it will have a count down and have to wait...

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Trying to pull over many times during a trip is DANGEROUS.

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