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In 2010, they scrapped their separate living arrangements and moved back in together with their children, Noah, 15, Oliver, 13, and Kaia.The whole brood now shares a rambling old Victorian that Wes, 43, a carpenter, gut-renovated to accommodate everyone--including Alison's partner of five years, Shari.The parents say the screenplay-worthy move came after seeing the tailspin effect their split had on the kids."They never seemed to find a peaceful place, moving back and forth between our two houses and keeping up with two sets of stuff and two sets of friends," says Alison.

There are many reasons why divorcing spouses might choose to stay together in the marital home, and it's legal. The scenario of a husband and wife living in separate households as they battle out a divorce happens mostly in movies.On a recent Sunday morning, 10-year-old Kaia woke up in the mood for crepes, something her mom, Alison, makes like a pro.So Alison whipped up the egg batter while Kaia's dad, Wes, pulled out the frying pans.It might send a message to the court that you’re willing and able to offer your spouse that kind of long-term financial support.Many couples divide household bills proportionately with their incomes.

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