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Alchemy, one of Apple’s most powerful and groundbreaking instruments, is also getting some enhancements.

This morning Apple dropped another batch of enhancements for those features and more.

Head below for the highlights: First up is Drummer.

Justin is an audio engineer/producer with over 10 years experience in the music industry.

• Alchemy now has a dedicated Envelope Follower tab in the modulation section which offers control of the attack and release of the envelope follower, as well as the option to apply the envelope follower to modulator outputs as well as to audio signals, together with the option to scale up the depth of the effect for more drastic effects on quieter signals.• When importing multiple EXS files which contain multiple groups which are the same except for different velocity or key ranges, these groups are merged into a single group to facilitate easier editing in Alchemy.• With two instances of Drum Machine Designer open, switching from the Kit Piece display to the Main display in one instance no longer causes the second instance to also change from the Kit Piece display to the Main display.• Drummer tracks no longer sometimes unexpectedly stop outputting audio after recording an audio track when the preference for Overlapping Recordings for MIDI with Cycle Off is set to Create Take Folder.• Using record toggle to stop a recording within a Take folder with a comp currently active, the last recording is reliably added to the comp in cases cycle is active where recording is stopped before the end of the Take folder.• When the Overlapping Recordings preference for MIDI is set to Create Track Alternative, undoing an overlapping recording now undoes the creation of the Track Alternative as well as the MIDI recording.• Recording audio with Cycle on no longer results in empty audio tracks in cases where The preference for Overlapping Audio Recordings is set to “Create Tracks” and the preference “Select Tracks on Region Selection” is enabled.

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