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Particularly good, rare or interesting watches are usually put on my Facebook page and frequently sell within hours or even minutes so to stand the best chance of getting one of these it would be best to follow me on Facebook or if you are on Twitter to be notified of every watch being added : Follow @Ox Pocketwatches Watches by J. Benson Due to the way I track stock on my Excel spread sheet from which this list is derived, the list may not include items on the web site but reserved and will not include those still in final test and not available for shipment, however the latter are shown above under New Stock.

Gold refers to Rolled, Filled and, rarely, solid Gold. Benson, IWC & Stauffer Sold Out American W753 Waltham 1883-Wm Ellery, Silver 11J Hunter,1889 430W754 Waltham 1999-630 For Dillon, Gold 17J 1902 385W757 Waltham 1899-625., Gold 17J Hunter,1903 385W755 Waltham 1899-625, Gold 17J Hunter,1903 375W747 Waltham 1908-1609 Premier., Silveroid 9 J 1942/3 300W751 Waltham 1908-620, Gold 15J 1908 275W677 Keystone Howard Duracy, Silveroid 7J c1910 275Swiss by Omega, Zenith & Longines S657 Omega., Nickel Silver 15J 1923 330S886 Zenith 19-34-1-T for Barraclough & Sons, Gold 15J c1934 400S870 Zenith (Buser), Silver 15J 1919 350Swiss by Cyma & Tavannes S746 Cyma Admiral, Silver 21J 1926 375S871 Tavannes Lepine, Gold 15J 1921 365S863 Cyma 999, Silver 17J 1936 315S864 Tavannes, Silver 15J 1920 290S659 Cyma 999, Silver 15J 1929 265S624 Cyma, Silver 15J 1919 260S632 Cyma, Nickel Silver 7J 1924/5 225Swiss by Revue S862 Neil Terminus (Revue), Silver 15J 1926 300S682 DF&C Selezi (Revue), Silver 15J 1919 305S829 Stauffer (Revue), Nickel 15J c1930 280S878 Syren (Revue), Silver 15J 1919 320S853 DF&c (Revue?

Association a but non lucratif basée à Maastricht qui a pour but de rassembler toutes personnes intéressés par les instruments d’horlogerie ancienne et les baromêtres. Il Web site principale per l'orologio, per collettori, restauratori e commercianti antichi universalmente.

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Only 7 watches acquired in the last 3 weeks - not good.

The last English Keyless watch I bought in was 5 weeks ago and it is 8 weeks since I got a high grade American watch in.

And I don't recall loosing many at auction, at least at a half way sensible price.

The only good news is that I have been able to buy a few nice Fusee watches (and a good few that have problems which was not good news) and that I managed to built stock before the fly fishing season started.

haar website een platform te zijn voor eenieder die geinteresseerd is in belangrijke antieke klokken, horloges, barometers en instrumenten.News of particularly interesting pocket watches for sale and short posts on horology related subjects are available on my Facebook page (just click “Like” below if you are on Facebook), many of these are also available on my Blog together with some longer articles.Blog posting can be received by e-mail and through various feeds such as RSS by visiting the Blog and registering for the appropriate service.Service website for Antique Clock, Watch and Barometer Collectors, Restorers and Dealers worldwide.Antique clocks, antique watches, antique barometers, (antieke klokken en horloges, horlogerie ancienne, antike Uhren, orologi antichi) sale and restoration (restauratie, reparatie), important collections, fine timepieces.

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Finally, diamonds and other jewels: I think this is more of a “know your region” kind of thing.

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