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Old Norse legends too, and primitive poems, all breathe the same spirit of love of home and veneration for the pure and noble influence there presiding--the wife, the sister, the mother.

And when later on we see the settled life of the Middle Ages "oozing out," as M.

Says a certain writer: "The private life of Page 11 the Turk is vilest of the vile, unprogressive, unambitious, and inconceivably low." And yet Turkey is not without her great men.

She has produced most brilliant minds; men skilled in all the intricacies of diplomacy and statesmanship; men whose intellects could grapple with the deep problems of empire and manipulate the subtle agencies which check-mate kings.

Can any one doubt that it is chiefly on the homelife and on the influence of good women in those homes?

Says Macaulay: "You may judge a nation's rank in the scale of civilization from the way they treat their women." And Emerson, "I have thought Page 13 that a sufficient measure of civilization is the influence of good women.", Now this high regard for woman, this germ of a prolific idea which in our own day is bearing such rich and varied fruit, was ingrafted into European civilization, we have said, from two sources, the Christian Church and the Feudal System.

With what result on the life of the nation, the "Unspeakable Turk," the "sick man" of modern Europe can to-day exemplify.

Mahomet makes no account of woman whatever in his polity. That deity who, according to our western ideals, makes and sanctifies the home, was to him a transient bauble to be toyed with so long as it gave pleasure and then to be thrown aside for a new one.

The Koran, which, unlike our Bible, was a product and not a Page 10 growth, tried to address itself to the needs of Arabian civilization as Mahomet with his circumscribed powers saw them. As a personality, an individual soul, capable of eternal growth and unlimited development, and destined to mould and shape the civilization of the future to an incalculable extent, Mahomet did not know woman. The heaven of the Mussulman is peopled and made gladsome not by the departed wife, or sister, or mother, but by houri--a figment of Mahomet's brain, partaking of the ethereal qualities of angels, yet imbued with all the vices and inanity of Oriental women.

The colored man's inheritance and apportionment is still the sombre crux, the perplexing cul de sac of the nation,--the dumb skeleton in the closet provoking ceaseless harangues, indeed, but little understood and seldom consulted.

Attorneys for the plaintiff and attorneys Page II for the defendant, with bungling gaucherie have analyzed and dissected, theorized and synthesized with sublime ignorance or pathetic misapprehension of counsel from the black client. The summing up of the evidence deposed, and the charge to the jury have been made--but no word from the Black Woman.

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But there can be no doubt that here in America is the arena in which the next triumph of civilization is to be won; and here too we find promise abundant and possibilities infinite.

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