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On the other hand, an office romance might also have some positive effects over employees.

It might increase people's desire to work, stimulate their creativity which could be beneficial for the business as a whole.

As we can see from the article ''The Ethics of Office Romance'' by Bruce Weinstein (see appendix 1) love is an emotion that can produce as many negative as positive feelings, and it can affect not only those in the relationship but also other workers that are not directly involved in it.

Notions of masculinity and femininity, and moreover sexual attraction between workers are inevitable.

Workplace romance is defined as an intimate relationship between two individuals who are working together, in the same work location, or the same company.

The most common idea about this type of relationship is that it is too risky, unnecessary and can lead mainly to pain and stressful atmosphere.

Thus, there are good reasons to turn down Cupid's call for a chance at romance on the job.

Human beings, regardless of their sexuality, tend to implicate emotions in every sphere of their activities.

Any effort performed by a single person to restrict those feelings leads to inner conflict which severely diminishes an individual's ability to concentrate on the work and consequently decreases the level of productivity. We all know of a couple that met under inauspicious circumstances (boss/assistant, professor/student, therapist/patient), and today they are happily married or have been living in a committed relationship for many years.

The article presented describes the implication of workplace romance and some of its consequences.

The objective of this essay is to undertake an in-depth analysis of office romance focusing on two organizational behaviour concepts stress at work and sexuality.

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