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the little girls are just laughing at me the whole time! "But I did it because I want to win this competition, as bad enough as it is." "I got all the things in this Cha Cha...

We got some tricks in it, some wow moments all within the rules and obviously abs," Burgess said, explaining that they're pulling out all the stops for night one to avoid elimination.

[She] and Gleb already have some fun chemistry between the two of them," Burgess said of the reality star and singer. Talking about Morris specifically, Burgess says "she's actually an incredible woman. So we're going to be able to see some incredible choreography and some incredible pieces from her and [Maksim Chmerkovskiy]. "I'm actually having the time of my life being single," Burgess gushed to ET while also admitting that "dating is impossible." The gorgeous redhead has been single for about a year, after breaking up with her long-term boyfriend.

Ultimately, Burgess believes the female celebs "are going to dominate a lot this season," adding that "the male celebs [and their partners], we've got our work cut out for us." Aside from her own partner, Bonner Bolton, Burgess is keeping an eye on Rashad Jennings (partnered with Emma Slater) and Bachelor Nick Viall.2. Burgess told ET that she's taken this year to find herself again after years of being a "serial monogamist".

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"The problem with time [is] you get to know each other so well, there's no more room for surprises, [but] you look back and say, 'This has been the best decision I've ever made in my life', because of these days when there's no more room for surprises, and it's still the only person you want to be with." He adds, "I'm excited that we get to share the same life.

We're all good friends and not having them with us doesn't make it a loss necessarily," she expressed.pros and longtime couple recently sat down with ET about keeping their romance alive by throwing in surprises now and then."If I can figure out how to cook something better and surprise her with a meal, that's some points," Maks shared.Burgess also joked that her single status may have played in her favor when producers were casting this season. It looks like Val Chmerkovskiy might want to consider becoming a relationship guru when he hangs up his dancing shoes. And I think she's going to have to be a very strong woman. "I know that my life will have it happen when it's meant to."Burgess has been fully focused on her career to this point, putting a lot of love and passion into her work."At the moment, I am the only single girl in the cast, so I get put with the hot, single guy," she laughed. Burgess dished about a recent conversation she had with the 30-year-old dancer when she was looking to get another outlook on why she's still single."I was like, 'Babe, I have no game,'" Burgess told us. He likes strong women -- strong, passionate, driven and intelligent," she continued. WATCH: Val Chmerkovskiy Addresses Amber Rose Split for the First Time: 'I'll Always Have Her Back'5. She also reminded ET that she now has a "very, very scrumptious little nephew that [she] can play with."Burgess absolutely gushed over her baby "nephew," Shai Chmerkovskiy, saying, "He is perfection! He's the most beautiful blend of the two of them [Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy]. He's going to break some hearts when he's older."When it comes to Shai's parents, Burgess has nothing but praise for the way Murgatroyd and Chmerkovskiy are balancing raising their newborn with their work on the show.

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