Managing expectations dating

Did you expect a commitment after you slept together?

Did you expect that he would spend every Saturday evening with you?

You have freedom to choose the type of people you spend time with and how they treat you.

Accept circumstances and people for who they are, and then you can decide if you want that experience or person in your life.

She spoke with Brian a few times over the phone and felt an instant connection.

Her stomach tightened with nervousness knowing the time of truth was at hand.

Instead, like most of us, if something (or someone) doesn't turn out the way we expect, we shut our minds off from other possibilities.

Managing our expectations is a great way to be free from emotional upsets in dating.

Did you expect he would be faithful even though he cheated on his wife with you?

Most people like to blame the other person for their upset, when they should look within to see if it was simply a mismanagement of their own expectations.

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If Susan would look at the evening as meeting a new friend, an entirely different scenario may have occurred.

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