Martial arts instructors dating students

The priests were always in charge of anointing a new King and had great power and influence.

Kings feared the alleged divine powers of the priests (most did, some had them put to death for this reason, unless they could use their magic to serve them), Some Kings had their priests who were sorcerers and or atrologers and diviners in their courts so they could make sure their enemies were wiped out or subdued by their occult power. The two Pharaoahs of Egypt in Moses and Joseph's day, Nebuchadnezzer, Xerxes, Darius, and so on.

Today, martial arts refer to the modern study of an art that is used for self-defense, and the defense of your loved ones.

It often involves techniques which have been taken from many different styles or arts and combined to make a mixed system or a composite (composed of many) style.

Meaning, that you probably will not go to prison for killing someone if you had to use a technique, and could claim "self defense", if attacked, and avoid being prosecuted.

Most people have heard of Kung fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and Aikido, but wrestling and boxing are also martial arts.The third meaning of the term martial arts, refers to self defense only.This is where the art has been stripped of all the killing techniques (or most of them), and become 21st century friendly.In India, there is Kalariphayat, in Indonesia, Silat, and there are many not heard of African martial arts also.Many modern armies around the world are taught these martial arts in their original forms, but add modern training equipment to become more effective in a shorter space of time.

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