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Had she made your suggested statement, that would have been unintelligent.

I don't like saying this, but her statement showed that she has more maturity than you in this instance. It is so easy to make these mistakes, and that just shows even more just how clever she is, not to have been caught out more.

That is what Nike and Sony shelled out the big bucks for.

By taking such a non-commital stance she has satisfied nobody.

If that is the case, continue to frequent this site, you just might learn something; and don't start getting your golf news also from AL-Jazeera.

Mark said: Michelle is going to have to decide on what she wants the start focusing. ****************************** Why does she have to decide either the pga or lpga?

She's only 16, and from what I've heard, she's not very clever. Fortunately you can't answer for her, and I don't think your version would match Michelles. If I do lack proper rest, it is because I stay up late pondering ways to find methods of bringing misguided Brits into the 21st century.

” Mario made a valid point in commending Rolfing for the direct question: “Way to put her on the spot, Mark! She went on to get, well, just goofy: “With her usual finesse, she replied, ‘I would choose both.She'll have to be tough to weather that and learn to win.What I am saying is, Mark, that you are simply one of everybody that Michelle cleverly pointed out long ago by saying "I know I can't make eveybody out there happy".***************************** If she said "so my supporters will know that I am the real deal", that would be suggesting that she isn't the real deal until she wins.That statement would put massive pressure on her to win on the lpga next year.

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Winning an LPGA tournament would be awesome because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. making the cut on the PGA would be a whole different feeling.” God, I can just hear the tee-hee giggle now. If this in a clue to Wie’s mental focus and clarity of thought, Chris Baldwin may just be right. An article about an article about how a 16-year old girl answered a question. I suppose there must be a mandate from your management.

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