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A white New-Yorker falls in love with a Mexican girl.Well, if they are all like Salma Hayek, I would not be at all surprised. But sociological barriers - in the Mexican family also, with a wonderful interpretation here by Angelina Calderón Torres - produce the logical but hypocritical obstacles which still persist in what for me should be classified as erstwhile societies.The result, unfortunately, is two leads who act Alex and Isabel first meet in a long bathroom line at a Mexican restaurant outside Las Vegas, where they get into a discussion about fate and destiny versus randomness and religion (a conversation many of us have had with a stranger in a unisex bathroom line, for sure). Meeting adjourned so we can go play golf and brainstorm more ways to keep women from attaining positions of power in Hollywood. We're given no evidence of why on earth this would lead to them sleeping together, but wind up in bed they do. Isabel sneaks out without saying goodbye the next morning. Three months later, she’s back at Alex’s house to say that she’s pregnant, and she’s keeping the baby. It is clearly not raining everywhere in the frame, especially in the lower right corner and in the rear of the frame (most likely because the rain machine didn't reach that far).

The story is also an indictment into situations which must be arising daily: especially in the United States of America where racial intolerance can become highly murky. The 1997 romantic comedy starring Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek would no longer be available to stream instantly come August 1.I’m sure most people wouldn’t give its departure from Netflix a second thought, but for some reason, I think about a lot.Still, his mannerisms, jokes, and body language remain the same.Hayek’s character, Isabel Fuentes, is a Mexican-American photographer who is deeply religious (Catholic) and believes that everything in life is predestined. Rather than trying to sync up with Perry’s offbeat joke patterns, she finds her own rhythm and humorous beats.

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There’s bound to be cultural tension to drive the plot forward, but did the writers have to go there?

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