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The pathologist examined the body, and estimated the time of death at 9pm, not long after Peter had finished dinner.

Peter had held a dinner party that evening with some friends to celebrate finishing writing, by hand, a book about his life.

This would give a match probability (the chance of finding two people with the same profile) of less than one in a billion (1 000 000 000).

The chance of finding a match is higher between family members, whose DNA is shared, and identical twins, who have identical (or nearly identical) DNA profiles.

He decided to write about Eric and include details of his criminal activities in the book of his life story.

On the evening of the murder, Peter was celebrating the completion of his book by having dinner in the hotel with some friends, including Eric.

(small sequences) within DNA, the sizes of which vary between people.

Do not forget to point out the differences between DNA fingerprinting (profiling) and sequencing the complete genome.Profiles generated in England and Wales are currently stored in the UK National DNA Database.The DNA detective game reflects reality in that profiles, loosely represented here as the original ‘barcodes’, are generated for every individual as well as from crime scene stains (such as blood, skin cells or hair). You will need time to print, cut and laminate the resources, 30 minutes to play the game, and additional time for discussion. What DNA evidence can you find at the crime scene and how can you analyse it? The game is most suitable for students aged 10-15 [note that the reviewer suggested using the activity with older students].

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