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Providers can override this setting, by default this is false which means that the provider will authenticate the username password when Change Password is called.

The class definition falls into three major areas: abstract properties, abstract and protected methods, and a small number of eventrelated definitions.public abstract class Membership Provider : Provider Base If you are thinking about writing a custom provider, the extensive abstract class definition may seem a bit intimidating at first.

NET 2.0 that the getter should always be implemented.

If it turns out that you are mapping Membership to a data store that doesn’t really have the concept of an “application” (for example, the AD provider doesn’t support the concept of an application but it does implement the getter), you can have the setter throw apair.

The properties related to user creation and user updates mostly deal with the user’s password.— On one hand, if a provider supports enforcing password strengths, it should return the minimum length of passwords allowed when using the provider.

On the other hand, if a provider does not enforce any kind of password strength requirements, it should just return either zero or one from this property.

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What's the purpose of using these providers in your applications? We do so with the aspnet_regsql command, which you can find on %WINDIR%\Microsoft. After you run it, you are prompted for the location of the SQL Server to use, and after that a number of tables and stored procedures are created. In order to use it, you must configure a default provider on the configuration file, like this: You may notice that I configured two Role providers.

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