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These tend to be individuals who are Shabbat and Kosher observant, but have a more "relaxed" or "open" approach to Halacha, sometimes accepting leniencies that are not accepted by those who espouse strict adherence to the dictates of the Halacha.

Such individuals may, or may not be involved in regular and consistent Torah learning or prayer, although the general tendency is to be more "relaxed" in these areas as well.

Below are guidelines to understanding the observance categories on JWed.

We do not use these terms to make judgments about an individual's observance, nor do we encourage categorization of people by "putting them in boxes".

A commonality amongst this group is that they are open to secular activities such as bars, clubs, and movies.

These tend to be individuals who strive to maintain a lifestyle according to the rules and guidelines of Halacha (Jewish law); often this is reflected in greater involvement in daily Torah learning and prayer.

This can be reflected in an orientation in which additional emphasis is placed on prayer and fulfillment of Mitzvos with religious fervor and passion.

Strict and unbending loyalty to Halacha is seen as normative.

Our intention is solely to facilitate searches for a potential spouse; as an individual's religious outlook and practice are essential criteria in determining compatability.

Because these terms may be understood differently across the Jewish world, we encourage singles to search across Hashkafas (Jewish outlooks/observance categories), and focus on objective measurements of observance - such as frequency of prayer, and type of dress.

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These are individuals who are Shabbat and Kosher observant and tend to embrace a more spiritual, and relaxed observant lifestyle.

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