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Repaying £50,000 over 7 years is going to cost much more a month than over say 20 years, so make sure you pick an adviser who understands you, and makes the right recommendation.

If you can afford to pay more each month, and are looking for a way to pay your debt of as fast as possible, then it may be possible to reduce the rate and pay the same you pay now to repay it over a shorter period.

As well as making budgeting easier by giving you just one outgoing, it could potentially lower monthly payments and save you money over the term.

The total cost would be dependent on your situation, how long you secure the debt for, the mortgage rate you get and the interest you're paying - so bear in mind that this mean that you end up paying more over time even if the monthly repayments are reduced.

If you have any unsecured borrowing, you’ll almost always be paying more interest than if you secured it.

Because of the way banks do things, setting lending rates comes down to cost and statistics.

Debt Management Schemes basically offer to restructure your debt and can often negotiate with lenders a lower repayment and even get some discount knocked off what you owe.Statistically then, in hard times people naturally stop paying their less important bills first.So 99 times out of 100 their mortgage is the one thing they’ll keep paying until they literally cant afford to pay out anything else. A debt consolidation capital raising mortgage is typically where a person will take out a mortgage that is large enough to pay off an existing mortgage whilst also covering all existing debts.If one lender has declined you for a mortgage, don't worry, there are currently lenders out there that may be willing to help you out.Different lenders specialise in different products. The high street banks tend to be very inflexible, more of a 'one size will sometimes fit all' solution.

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The more it costs them to lend, the higher the rate.

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