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Bates, the Alameda County prosecutor, said independent sex workers like Parton and West are not the focus of law enforcement efforts to cut human trafficking.

The websites, they say, can easily facilitate the victimization of women and children forced or coerced into sex by domineering pimps. When people say it's a victimless crime, that's not true." In the Santa Cruz case, police said a 26-year-old prostitute, Alix Catherine Tichelman, injected heroin into tech executive Forrest Timothy Hayes, 51, and then left him to die in November after he fell unconscious on his 45-foot yacht, closing the blinds on the way out.

Jolene Parton relies on communication for her job as a sex worker.

She said she has not found a better site than My Red Book, which was one of the Bay Area's more popular prostitution websites but was shut down by the feds recently.

One member, 28-year-old Patricia West, said the takedown of My Red Book stripped sex workers of a valuable asset: forums on the website that vetted clients, blacklisted predators and offered advice and support for those who needed it. In what would probably be considered encouraging news in law enforcement circles, she said she lost 80 percent of her business.

"Right now, everyone I know is noticing a pretty solid down-tick in how many new clients are contacting them because they're scared," she said.

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