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Arguments have raged for decades over how to redevelop the lakefront.

The one insurmountable obstacle has been the rivalry between city, provincial and federal governments.

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Infighting continued: last year, the corporation and a municipal agency each hired a different architect to design a development on the same patch of land.

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If peace has finally broken out it may be because of public pressure.

That has been stimulated partly by the recent completion of several buildings by well-known international architects, such as an art-gallery addition by Frank Gehry.

DRIVE into the centre of Toronto from the airport, and the sight that greets you is a mess.

What ought to be an attractive asset for Canada's largest city, its 29-mile (46km) waterfront along Lake Ontario, is blocked off by a tangle of 19th-century railway lines, an ugly elevated motorway dating from the 1950s, and a line of tower blocks.

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