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Option #6 – Create a new Outlook profile Since all the email accounts are saved in a profile in Outlook, if the profile becomes corrupted, you might experience some problems so you have to delete that existing profile and create a new one as well as add email accounts to that new profile and add a new RSS feed(s).

Along with creating training materials, she specializes in technical writing and how-to documentation for computer software.When this happens, you can no longer get content from the RSS Feed.The ban could be temporary or permanent depending solely upon the RSS publisher.When you open your Microsoft Outlook progress window, you might have seen the error message: “Task RSS Feeds reported error 0x80004005, 0x800C0008, 0x8004010F”.To fix the issue of your Microsoft Outlook RSS Feeds not updating on your Windows 10, here are a couple of suggestions you must check out.

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