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As of today you can add automatically updating dependencies to your Gantt chart.In Tom’s Planner it’s pretty easy to keep your chart up to date with changes in your project manually.But when your project get’s larger and more complicated it might be a good idea to link tasks to each other so that if you move one task the dependent tasks will move automatically as well. The icon set and color picker in the tool have both been updated.As of today you can share your chart with others by simply entering the the email addresses of the persons you would like to invite to collaborate on your chart. It will send the emails to the others and provide them with instructions on how to accept your invitation. The icons are the same but they look much more current en fresh.Discussions around dependencies and constraints form a key part of your stakeholder engagement plans.You can use these discussions to set expectations about what your project can realistically achieve.Identifying and assessing dependencies and constraints is a useful activity because many of your project decisions will be based on this information.

So how do you identify the dependencies and constraints for your project?Unless otherwise noted, these tips and tricks work with all versions of Microsoft Project.We hope you have found these tips and tricks useful. For all examples below, assume the XML is inside this root node: Not supported in csproj. In project.json, build and pack could be extended to compile and embed from different folders. Here is a common conversion: NB: many of default globbing patterns are added automatically by Microsoft.

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The new color picker contains fewer colors but they are much clearer and distinctive.

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