Msds updating requirements

If a chemical meets one of the requirements outlined in the CPRs the company must find a current and accurate SDS.

SDS database management can be costly, using a third party organization can greatly relieve the financial burden, ensure legal compliance and reduce overall costs: Yes.

Laws and regulations change between countries and jurisdiction, check with your local Occupational Health and Safety enforcement agency to determine what chemicals you require SDSs for.

For example, in Canada the Controlled Product Regulations (CPR) outline the determining criteria that identify chemicals as needing SDSs.

Check your local enforcement agencies but most jurisdictions (like the United States and Canada) allow the use of software solutions if certain requirements are met. A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) are the same thing. However there are specific requirements for the information that must be included in SDS.

Under the new Global Harmonization System (GHS) the common term “MSDS” has been replaced with “SDS”. Again these may vary from one jurisdiction to another, check your local law enforcement branch for these specifics.

However, the regulation lacks a specific requirement to notify customers.

Rather than provide expired or irrelevant SDSs in our database to “pad” our numbers we instead focus only on the requested and therefore needed SDSs of you, our clients.

As SDSs expire or are updated the old version is archived in our historic database.

You will always have access to the current SDS through our software and upon request you can be provided the archived SDS.

Three years in development, SDS Smart now offers a simple solution with automatic MSDS updates and easy-to-use desktop, mobile, and website access and management tools.

No – the chemical supplier is responsible for providing a Material Safety Data Sheet to its customers.

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It’s important to note that non-compliance with SDS requirements can not only result in immediate fines but can also be used by enforcement officers in building a case to demonstrate general non-compliance to safety laws and lack of due diligence.

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