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Also is "" alt="" class="img Lz frm Img " / Okay thanks. Did you come across the following link: File]:: Read All Bytes("C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\photo.jpg")) This part is the pathname: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\ This part is the filename: Where (meaning the pathname) on your system is the desired photo? Create a backup copy of the photograph file as a precaution. You should be able to copy and paste in the script provided via Method 2. If so just copy the script, exit Powershell, and reopen as an administrator. Pay close attention to any errors or syntax information that may appear. Feel free to google "Get-User Photo" more information and details.What you will need to do is change the path in the script to the path leading to the desired photo by file name. What you will need to do is change the path in the script to the path leading to the desired photo by file name. If there is an error or other event then will need to "debug" accordingly. It looks as if you tried to change the path and direct to another photograph.Have you ever placed a picture in your Word document, only to have the picture not be visible when you are later working in the document? You are probably most familiar with the text layer, in which your text actually resides. This seems to be a common occurrence, and there are several reasons for this. This is a common issue in organizations where documents often contain common graphic elements – examples could include a company’s logo or an organization chart.For instance, if there’s a reshuffle in the company, updating every single Word document that contains the older version of the org chart may take lot of effort. In the Insert Picture dialog box, click the down arrow next to the Insert button, and then click either “Link to File” or “Insert and Link”.

Up until Lync 2010, user photos would use the Thumbnailphoto attribute in Active Directory to sync user GAL photos.If you have a document with several sections and automated table/figure captions and x-refs to these, you might wonder how you can update these numbers reflect any changes you make, such as inserting new tables/figures/sections, or moving existing ones to other places in the document, or deleting some of them.(Have run into a couple of older cmdlet examples that were incorrect via the cmdlet itself or the parameters.) In the meantime keep "tinkering". Hopefully you at least feel a bit more comfortable working with Powershell.Could turn out to be just some simple thing that I missed. And editing is so much easier - remember you can use CRTL C (Copy) and CRTL V (Paste).

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