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Howsoever men approach Me, so do I welcome them, for the path men take from every side is Mine.

even those who worship other gods (anya-devatah), ancestral deities, elemental powers, if they do so with faith, then their faith is justified, for the Divine accepts every form conceived by the worshipper.

Hindus worship the nameless and formless Supreme Reality (Bramh) by various names and forms.

Perhaps the first thing to strike a Western observer about Hindu deities is the multiplicity of limbs they display.

Thus, Vishnu is usually shown with four arms, but his avataars or incarnations, Rama and Krishna, who have human forms, are invariably represented with two.

Hindus worship of images and idols is not idolatry, since Hindus do not consider the images and idols as God, but symbols of God.

The hope was to suggest to deep truth seekers, at least, that there are levels of truth beyond any of those suggested by orthodox religions.

The idea of Bramh put forward in the Upanishads is not one which can satisfy the demands of the mind.

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The Hindu devotee, while he will generally have one particular form of god - his or her ishta deva, or chosen deity - on whom his devotion centers, moves easily between one god and another. Krishna and Rama are not strictly speaking gods, but avatars, 'descents' - human incarnation of Vishnu - since he is the 'upholder' of the world.

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