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They are almost entirely from Burma so there is not the problem of trying to sort the wheat out from the chaff.

As always make it pretty clear what you want for your dollar.

They kick you out around 3am and then there is pretty not much more available to do.

Some of the best clubs are: JJ, Channel V, Pioneer, Music Club, DJ Bar (many working girls here)In Rangoon western style parties are now coming very popular.

This is not a religious or status thing, it is simply assumed they have more to say to one another.

At a more formal event or even a picnic, it is customary for the men to dine first because they are perceived to be the busier of the two sexes.

Meeting normal girls who speak good English is not that easy.

Myanmar is just growing up, many Burmese girls still wear traditional dress and have strong family values.

There is little nightlife outside Yangon and even that is limited.

Myanmar does not really have a coffee culture yet, even Rangoon.

But there are a few places that are dotted about that you can have a cup of Java and talk to a Burmese girl.

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