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Hint: if you have an induction cooktop, you will not be able to use ceramics and metals due to the magnetic energy generated from the stove.

You will only be able to use cast iron, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum made specifically for induction stoves. Cookware made of 100% ceramic is not toxic and can be more expensive than other types of cookware.

It is a plastic that does not burn, is strong, tough, and waxy, and has been debated in recent years for its safety.

Du Pont™ makes Teflon®, in use since the 1960s and it contains PTFE. Conversely, PFOA can stay in the human body and the environment for an extended time.

Porcelain (enamel) is a nonstick cooking surface that does not scratch or chip and cooks evenly.

They are preferred by cooks for being easy to clean and the even heat they provide.(PFOA), also known as C8 and perfluorooctanoate.

The best ceramic cookware will give you exceptional uniform conduction with no hot spots, scorching, or food reactions to change color and taste.

It is worth every penny spent for its features, durability, and long life.

No seasoning is required like cast iron or stoneware when used in the oven.

Studies indicate that it is in everyone’s blood at a low level in the USA.

It has been found in some foods, household dust, and at low levels in drinking water.

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