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Standard races take place according to the traditional rally rules, running all along the track without seeing, and struggling to knock down ten precious goals.

The approach thus radically changes, as well as the incidence of setup and enhancements on our winning chances: by playing arcade style, you will face a rather banal first part of the campaign and get to the bottom without thinking of more than Albeit rich in contour, that in Di RT 4 is represented by upgrades, staff management, test runs to test the trim, and so on.

First, however, is a fundamental question: for you a driving game you just have to have fun or test?

The question was not aired, since the first choice that Di RT 4 faces is the selection of the gameplay style between "player" and "simulation".

However, this is only a matter of detail, in the light of a globally robust and enjoyable implant, which is supported by a delightful soundtrack, with great sound effects (with narrator / navigator voice in Italian) and a graphically pointing out Performance, securing sixty frames per second stable, particularly realistic cars (which are likely to be damaging) and scenarios that move between highs and lows, revealing a colorful style that somehow brings to mind the Naughty Dog titles but that It does not always focus on the target, either because of superficial surfaces and generic assets, or because of polygonal models when it comes to representing the audience or the same pilot, taken during some shots.

Finally, he perceived the lack of support for the HDR, which with the landscapes of Di RT 4 and its great variety of weather situations would literally go to wedding.

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