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The thing about The League is, it gives you two to three people to match with per day.You only get three, so there’s a little more due diligence.” Emily (her name’s been changed), a 27-year-old from West Philly who works in education, says that on Ok Cupid, particularly in the queer community, users seek a wider variety of relationships, ranging from friendship to monogamy to polyamory.Philadelphians told me that travel photos or pics that show off a hobby you enjoy are always crowd-pleasers, too.One last takeaway: We all know everyone’s got a past, but don’t post a photo with your ex and scribble all over his face. Knowing which app is right is all about knowing the audience. “Tinder is just, like, a meat market,” says 28-year-old Mark Kuhn, CEO of Philadelphia-based artisanal builder Oat Foundry.So how does one nimbly navigate finding The One in 2018?

Plus, according to a couple of guys I talked to, if your friends are hotter than you, you’re not doing yourself any favors.Another thing: Don’t post a photo of you holding a baby (Some men seem to think posting pictures with a baby has some sort of subliminal psychological effect on potential matches, but it just confuses everyone swiping through.) According to Aziz Ansari’s best-seller , data from Ok Cupid shows the most effective profile photos for men and women differ a lot.For women, selfies where you’re “flirting to the camera” have a greater response rate than just your average “straightforward smiling pic.” For men, oddly, a photo of a (not smiling) guy glancing off into the distance does the best.People’s intentions on dating apps vary drastically, and finding what you’re looking for means choosing a platform that mirrors your expectations.And if you can’t seem to find the right mate online, don’t rule out serendipity just yet. Previously a taboo topic of conversation, your political leanings have been elevated to must-know, potential-deal-breaker status in a post-2016 climate.

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