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— but if he said that he respects her as "an entertainer" and respected me nearly as much, think what I could be missing out on.Now, I will admit that, when it comes to Donald Trump, my tolerance for difference is tested to the max: I’m Black and I’m gay, so this current administration ain’t exactly in line with my politics. Someone who knows, please advise.)Everyone certainly has the right to preference, including ones different than mine — but note that I said preference, rather than inherent bias.

We believe in offering the best dating services within our niche markets.As a formally closeted gay Black kid being raised by a Catholic mama in the south, I’m all too familiar with using the internet to explore worlds — and, subsequently, people different than me.Likewise, as a non-straight person who witnessed the country transition from instituting Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to legalizing marriage equality (and keenly aware of the lingering prejudices against LGBTQ folks), I know how helpful dating apps can be for those longing to forge a connection with another person.But while some Tinder users might applaud conservatives keeping to themselves, others have noted that it's entirely possible (and, given some conservative men, even preferable) to date more broadly.But for other megalomaniac enthusiasts, there is a dating app called Yeezy.

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A few months ago, I’m sure plenty of Kanyettes thought it would be a fun, novel idea to only date fellow Kanyettes.

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