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When he was performing his group number during Toronto week I couldn’t watch anyone else on the stage.He’s the most commanding contemporary dancer I’ve seen in a long time. The judges loved her this week, though I again don’t understand why. I couldn’t even remember if I’d ever seen him before.Jesse definitely has hidden talent in genres outside his own.Joey: he seems like a talented contemporary dancer but I haven’t really gotten a feel for him yet.

Jesse: the b-boy who seems to really know what he’s doing.

isn’t the worst of competition shows when it comes to bad behaviour but the Canadian version is still showing it up in the decency department.

Even Dan Karaty (a US judge and choreographer, who appeared in a couple of the first episodes of the CAN versions) proved to be really sweet on the Canadian panel while he has always come off as a jerk in previous US versions- there must be something in the water. There’s no extra dance performances (other than the group number), no unnecessary stalling and no performance by a musician I don’t care about. The top 20 blew me away and, after only 1 episode, I already am really rooting for quite a few of them.

What I don’t understand is why Tre keeps warning him about depending too much on his looks, it seems to me that his dance ability is obviously far superior to his aesthetic. She seems determined enough but Kaitlyn has yet to prove to be anything more than a poor man’s Kherington.

Kevin: a brilliant technical dancer who has failed to distinguish himself to the judges, I always really liked Kevin.

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But I would like to say that even if the street is in another country, the genre should still be called “Broadway” and not “Theatre”. Here are my thoughts on the competitors: Allie: ADORABLE!!!

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