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These minority lobby groups use distortions, anecdotes and testimonials to try to influence professional and legislative bodies and the public.They attempt to intimidate doctors, even mounting lawsuits that are inevitably thrown out of court.Rather, given the cult-like devotion of anti-circ groups to their cause, any claims made by anti-circ groups should be thoroughly verified by independently examining the empirical research findings.

The Symposia they hold comprise entirely anti-circ activists, except when Dr Wiswell attended a few years ago, and only their anti-circ material is presented.They got started in the late60s/early 70s after an article by a Dr Foley in a lay alternative magazine, Fact, in 1966.One of the largest is 'NOCIRC', founded in 1979 by Marilyn Milos, in San Rafael, California, with 100 branches having now been spawned worldwide.'He'd indicated that he was upset he couldn't attend with me but we were only very casual as far as I was concerned and the guest list had been finalised months ago, there wasn't necessarily an option to take a plus one,' the woman told Ninemsn.There are several of these and their membership is drawn from a wide spectrum of society.

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