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One thing is for certain, I am not ready to learn how to use any new gadgets, so for the time being, I will leave sexting to the young ones.

That said, when it comes to sex, if it feels good do it (safely), but if it does not feel good then why bother?The social science research According to Donna Freitas, who wrote a book called Sex and the Soul, a hook-up is any sexual encounter that is unplanned, casual and has no promise of a future.She says that it often involves alcohol, and no other forms of intimacy.If she cannot do it sober perhaps she shouldn't be doing it at all.Liquid courage to have sex often ends in liquid tears afterward.

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  1. She gushed on her Instagram at the start of the weekend: 'So the big news I've been wanting to share with you is that my french movie "Maryland" that I just finished before Christmas was selected for Cannes !!

  2. Further, Martinson derided the theory of “crime as a social phenomena,” arguing that rehabilitative strategies “have on occasion become, and have the potential for becoming, so draconian as to offend the moral order of a democratic society.” He also worried that rehabilitation implied releasing those who have little risk of re-offending, but keeping high-risk criminals locked up so that they might be rehabilitated.