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I've asked around and have received mixed responses.My commercial agent, acting colleagues, and a casting director acquaintance think yes.I consider myself a relatively savvy professional actor, but this one has me stumped. Then again, you don't want to be left high and dry, which will certainly happen if you tell your agent you are looking for another, better rep.And, if you leave your agent with no future prospects in sight, you may end up agent-less, which, as everyone who's ever struggled to land representation can tell you, is no bed of roses.You will have to balance your needs with your loyalty to this particular agent, but let me try to provide insight. According to representatives of SAG and ATA/NATR, you have every right to look for new representation whenever and wherever you please.

My fear is that I'll be worse off than I currently am: that I'll be left with no agent at all and no leverage for marketing to CDs. Dear From Agent: You don't want to seem like a jerk, going around behind your agent's back looking for a replacement, which of course might get back to him.

Doing so will get him dropped in a New York minute.

What agent would want to work for a client who's halfway out the door?

Or, because many actors hate to be agent-less, even if it means staying with an unproductive or subpar agency, you could start taking meetings, secure a new agent, and then call your agent to tell him you're leaving, notify the guilds, and move on.

Be advised: Your agent could get wind of your meetings, drop you on the spot, toss out your headshots, and tell people you moved back to Kansas." Despite this warning, Tony Martinez, agent and author of An Agent Tells All, cautions, "Under no circumstance should the actor tell his current agent that he's planning to look for new representation.

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