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Is it foolish to date where there is no 'spark,' hoping that will come with time?(In my experience, it has never grown, if not there to begin with).You also asked if spark ever comes when it isn’t there initially. In a healthy marriage, couples may experience their spark growing and dimming only to repeat this cycle.

For some, chemistry means the other person is “cute” or “hot;” for others it may mean they are an intellect and share career interests.

How much time is fair to avoid hurting the other person if you know they are into you, but you don't return the same level of attraction? The answer to these types of questions is difficult, and there are no right or wrong answers.

Some of the best marriages I have ever seen were arranged, and some of the worse relationships I have ever seen consisted of people who had an abundance of spark, but nothing else in common.

The spark is a certain feeling of sudden heat--even alarm--that seem to start in the heart region (literally--I feel it underneath my sternum somewhere). It is not, for me, a sensation that persists for a long time; rather, it's a sudden realization: A note about #4: I am more than happy to date a person who is medicated and functional. we need to band together, sister, and spread the Ellen: yes: i like my refusals to be as firm as my gluteal muscles.

But it's just too hard to try to carry someone who's in too deep.

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