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These include a certified copy of a certificate of incorporation, copy of the organization’s constitution, chart showing the governance structure, proof of payment of prescribed fee, source of funding, copies of valid identification document for at least two founder members, minutes and resolutions of members authorizing the organization to register with the National Bureau for NGOs, statement complying with section 45 of the Act (staffing requirements) and a recommendation from the responsible Ministry or government department or agency, or in the case of a community-based organization, a recommendation of the District NGO Monitoring Committee.

In case of renewal of a permit, Section 12 of the NGO Regulations, 2017 also prescribes for a range of documents to be furnished with the NGO Bureau.

For example, on October 2, 2013, the President of Uganda assented to the .Date Able provides assistance with enhancing members social skills and developing life goals via telephone on an appointment basis. Appointments may be made by contacting Date Able through the information found in the Contact Information section below. Before extending activities to a new geographical area of the country, NGOs must receive a recommendation from the NGO Bureau through the DNMC of that area.NGOs must cooperate with local councils, DNMCs and Sub-Country NGO Monitoring Committees (SNMCs).

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NGOs are subject to detailed requirements relating to staffing.

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