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It turns out that Mehrabian was actually not studying nonverbal communication at all, but rather words and their relative contribution to meaning.

He found that how a word was spoken including, its pitch and tone, rather than the word itself, mattered most.

Nonverbal communication includes the subconscious and conscious use of facial expressions, gestures, posture, eye gaze, haptics and physical appearance as well as in a more broad context paralinguistic cues to convey meaning from one person to another without the use of spoken language.

Nonverbal communication is them more scientific and hence, more accurate term, used to describe “body language.” Both nonverbal communication and body language are generally interchangeable as they both describe a set of messages conveyed silently from one person to another.

Darwin aimed to showcase the evolutionary origins of expressions and tie them to our animal relatives.

Despite initial observations, the study of nonverbal communication is very much a modern field of study.

In the 1970’s Julius Fast’s produced a popular book by the title “Body Language” which focused on the practical aspects of body language to attract and influence other people.

Much of the new research is focused on discovering universal facial and bodily expressions.However, as people split and divert their focus across multiple channels including verbal language, they often leak information through nonverbal channels.History Of Body Language Many believe that the study of nonverbal communication is the result of writings from Charles Darwin which resulted in his publication of “The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals” published in 1872.Work continued more rapidly in the mid 1960’s with Michael Argyle, Janet Dean Fodor and Ralph Exline.Eckhard Hess conducted several studies in the 1960’s and 70’s on pupil dilation and concluded that eyes play an important role in signaling like and dislike passively.

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