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When she explained her decision to Swindley, he admitted that he felt the same but didn't have the courage to back out.As Emily and Swindley had come to a mutual understanding, they were able to continue working together, their relationship continuing as it was.

1964 saw Emily and Swindley grow closer when Emily supported Swindley after he had a nervous breakdown.Emily Nugent was born in Harrogate on 18th October 1929, the daughter of James and Agnes Nugent.Her mother died when she was eleven and she spent the next fifteen years bringing up her siblings with no help or praise from her father.After some time away, he returned and Emily, realising that waiting for Swindley would mean waiting forever, took advantage of the leap year by proposing marriage.After an initial reaction of shock and terror, Swindley accepted and they planned a wedding for July of that year.

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The incident saw pensioner Emily spend the night in a tree in 1998.

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