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When he tries to escalate physically, gently rebuff him and say, Doing this is incredible for building sexual tension and a passionate desire in him.

Just remember not to tease him for more than an hour or two; otherwise, he may end up feeling more frustrated than anything else........

To do this, you need to use all the techniques in your arsenal, from kissing to massaging your man and even running your hands over his crotch and massaging that, too.

Meanwhile, he will do the exact same to you, trying his best to turn you on and make you "break" and initiate or ask for sex.

Next, you need to hop into bed or just find somewhere comfortable around the house, like the living room.

The goal that both of you will have during this game is to try to make the other person "break" and initiate or ask for sex.

The winner is the person who holds out the longest.

The loser has to do something for the winner, like giving them oral sex or bringing them breakfast in bed.

If you want my most powerful and kinky oral sex tips, you can find them all in this tutorial video.

These four kinky foreplay games will definitely add spice to your relationship, but foreplay is just one aspect of having great sex.

Another aspect is learning how to talk dirty to your man.

The next time you're alone, wear something that you know your man adores — a sweater, a pair of yoga pants, or even some lingerie and a pair of stilettos.

Then when you're both alone, act as if nothing is different, except make sure to tease and touch him more than usual.

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The simple reason is that it's fantastic at building sexual tension all the way up to the point where one of you will literally do almost anything for sex.

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