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The Republican activist Sean Mac Entee was a "lone voice" in warning that the commission would involve an exercise "in transferring from the jurisdiction of the Government of Northern Ireland certain people and certain districts which that Government cannot govern; and by giving instead to Northern Ireland, certain other districts—unionist districts of Monaghan, Cavan and Donegal, so that not only under this Treaty are we going to partition Ireland, not only are we going to partition Ulster, but we are going to partition even the counties of Ulster." The interim boundary was formalised in December 1925 by an inter-government agreement that was ratified by the three parliaments in London, Dublin and Belfast, without changes from the 1920 demarcation lines.) by the 1937 constitution, and the Republic of Ireland Act 1948 formally declared that the state was a republic with the official description Republic of Ireland while not changing its name, which remains Ireland.

The Irish border on the Lenamore Road, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Originally intended as an internal boundary within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the border was created in 1921 under the United Kingdom Parliament's Government of Ireland Act 1920.

Prior to this, a separatist Irish parliament had been established in Dublin, which did not recognise the Government of Ireland Act, and was actively engaged in the Irish War of Independence.

A tribute that reads: ‘This mural is dedicated to the memory of those local Republican activists who devoted their lives to the cause of Irish freedom.’ The portraits of Hunger Strikers create a border around an American and Irish flag, with lilies used to symbolise the 1916 Rising in Dublin.

The success of the Irish War of Independence, and the subsequent signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty, led to the creation of the Irish Free State – a dominion established for the whole island of Ireland on 6 December 1922.

The border became an international frontier after the Parliament of Northern Ireland exercised its right to opt out of the Free State on 7 December 1922.

As both states share a Common Travel Area and are part of the European Single Market, the border is essentially open, allowing free passage of people since 1923 and of goods since 1993.

There are more than 200 public roads that cross the border.

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This Unionist mural depicts a family being evacuated from their home by Republican paramilitary groups, with the news report on the left.

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