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Price’s death in 1911 added to the school’s struggle, as he was by far its most prominent supporter.

In that same year a fire consumed Bostwick Hall as well as a large portion of the school’s library.

In essence NGAC was a liberal arts college, focusing more on courses such as law, Latin, Greek, English literature, theoretical mathematics, natural sciences, history, and philosophy.

In addition to its liberal arts curriculum the college also made military training compulsory- as was stipulated by the Morrill Land Act to all land-grant colleges.

Consequently, following the Civil War the Treasury Department felt it would be impractical to resume minting operations at the Dahlonega Mint.

A few years after the war a former Confederate soldier and President of the Lumpkin County Board of Education by the name of William Pierce Price devised a plan to employ the land script of the Morrill Act to transform the old mint building into a college.

In the early stages of this transformation the school was identified as an academy, rather than a university- implying that it was originally intended to serve as a feeder school for the Georgia College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts (predecessor of the University of Georgia).

This military program's cadet corps eventually became involved in the newly established Reserve Officers' Training Corps(ROTC) in 1916.Efforts of his such as working to disband the preparatory department, and eliminating the BS and AB degrees in agriculture were seen by much of the faculty and students as too progressive and needlessly ardent.Eighty-four students, roughly half of the student population, signed a petition expressing their dissatisfaction with Du Bose's performance, however it did nothing to affect his presidency.Shortly thereafter in 1878, it became the first co-ed college in the state to graduate a female student.Lewis was fervently devoted to the development of the institution.

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Combined with previous work, our main conclusions are: (1) eastern Shandong underwent a major magmatic event at ca.

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