Nwn2 updating journal after encounter

Patches had been released at irregular intervals since the game's release, but barring unforseen and extraordinary circumstances, the final patch is version 1.69, released 9 July 2008.

The version number of the game's current patch is displayed in the upper-left corner of the startup screen as well as in the upper-right corner of the options menu in the game client.

This change allows for 3x3 and larger groups that contain null tiles.IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BRAND YOUR MODULE AS 1.62 THEN DO NOT EDIT YOUR MODULE IN THE VERSION 1.62 TOOLSET.IF YOU WANT TO GO BACK TO 1.61, WE WILL HAVE A 1.62 TO 1.61 PATCH AVAILABLE.(Links to the critical rebuilds are included at the end of this article.) On Linux and Macs, there is only one option for updating the game, one that is comparable to the critical rebuild for Windows. Version 1.10 was the original English-language release.Patch 1.30 is the version of the first Shadows of Undrentide release. Patch 1.59 is the version of the first Hordes of the Underdark release. AS OF THIS PATCH, ALL MODULES CREATED/SAVED WITH THE VERSION 1.68 TOOLSET ARE TAGGED AS REQUIRING VERSION 1.68 OR HIGHER OF NEVERWINTER NIGHTS GAME OR TOOLSET.

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Patch 1.63 is the version of the Platinum Edition, is only available from the Platinum Edition, and is identical to 1.62 in all ways other than its version number. Each patch came with patch notes indicating what had changed. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BRAND YOUR MODULE AS 1.68 THEN DO NOT EDIT YOUR MODULE IN THE VERSION 1.68 TOOLSET.

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