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Even without Tinder, we’ve been focusing on [these aspects ] for the past couple of years because we knew that it was coming.” Online dating services have traditionally relied on two different business models – subscriptions and advertising.Until recently, Tinder, which helps 50 million global users find casual hook-ups or true love, got by without any advertising But like any true romance, its model has evolved.“It’s very mobile centric, and we’ve had to smarten up our mobile products – that’s been a very big focus for us,” he says.“People are certainly leaning toward those devises so much more and they want instant results and ease of use.“It’s more about real-time communication,” says Heysen.“We hope people get to meet as many people as possible and find the right one.” As the online dating market becomes more saturated, new players require a unique angle in order to stand out.When online dating app Tinder launched in September 2012, it turned the matchmaking world on its head.Using your Facebook profile and GPS location, it could find you a mate – or at least a date – with the simple swipe of your mobile phone.

But like all online dating sites, Tinder needs to make money and cannot exist on love alone.

“Do they just want to see how popular they are on the site?

Is there a more casual feel or are people looking for relationships?

Heysen says that while Tinder opened up the online dating market to a new breed of apps, the company is still finding its feet.

He thinks the challenge now for Tinder revolves around people’s motivation for using the site.

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