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We operate our own fleet of trucks, roll-off’s and luger boxes.

We use market index pricing to assure the most competitive pricing coupled with unparalleled customer service and payment terms. Customers are assured individualized support and easy access that is tailored to their manufacturing.

We specialize in industrial services, metal distributors, plant clean-ups and contract-demolition work.

These mysteries can be solved if we understand this one word. Flynn, May 20, 2005 -(Posted here: May 26, 2005) Peace Sign- The signal "actually began as a symbol of Satanic benediction during the rituals.'' This sign has been used by Yasser Arafat, Richard Nixon, Winston Churchill, and Stewart Meacham, Co-Chairman of Reds' New Mobilisation Committee." Churchill said that the sign stood for victory but remember that Churchill was one of the insider "elite" and a Mason.

He most likely knew the evil significance of this symbol but tried to give it a facelift.

- - by Wes Penre, Jan 01, 2006 - - "The definitions of the Left Hand Path has long been a clouded and often misunderstood definition.

Essentially, the Left Hand Path is by universal perception as being the mutation or transformation of consciousness into a divinity or divine conscious, this is done by the process of the practice of Magick and Sorcery to achieve the motion of the body and mind towards a higher perception..." - - Presented by Wes Penre, Jan 26, 2008 -(Posted here: Saturday, Jan 26, 2008) There Is More There Than Meets the Eye - The Two Levels of Occult Involvement - Most organizations that practice some form of Occultism or Neo-Paganism; and Fraternal Societies, as well as some segments of other religions, consist of two rings of involvement. After working with the Cipher several radical methods and new techniques were discovered that confirmed that was indeed the promised cipher of Al. The Hidden Powers In Numbers - Actually Tony is a puppet of The New World Order which adds to a 6-6-96.

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