Olesya mihalchik dating scammer

My girlfriend Natasha have connected with her aunt Irina to Moscow at last.

Irina has said to Natasha that she has learned how much cost a visa and a foreign passport too.

These feelings are a trust, careful attitude to each other, and complete understanding to each other, sometimes even understanding without words,do you agree with me my darling?

Ok, I must finish my email to you, I hope to hear from you your email soon, please, tell me about you, about your life, ok? Also I send to you my photo, I hope that you will like my photo, please, tell me your opinion about my photo, also I will wait for your pictures too. I am very glad to receive your warm and lovely letter my darling.

I know that our hearts will together always, because our love is eternal, this great feeling connects the another people and us through a continents.

A distance between Moscow and Tyumen is approximately 2000 kilometers. Joe, I want to say to you that our city is one of the beatifulest ities of Russia, I think.

Our city is a large industrial centre, city of a science and any cultures. Also I want to say to you that I ave graduated from Tyumen State University, I have finished this niversity in 1999.

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