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Still, in many cases, I believe you will find people are open to better understanding how they come off when they communicate.

Alternately, you can tell them you are going to pursue some other relationships and end communication that way.

Or looking at the issue the other way, how much of your feelings should you share when you feel strongly about someone even though you’ve only communicated through a few emails?

I’m going to first discuss how to handle a situation where the person you are talking to starts to show excessive interest/emotions.

That might sound like a nice thing but, trust me, it can start to feel awkward very quickly. To answer my readers question, I did find this, but honestly I was also guilty of being they guy rushing the emotions early.

Here’s one reader’s experience in this area: I have just started online dating and have been overwhelmed by how soon people start being emotional (for want of a better word) and so I feel like I am “cheating”. I had expected to just talk about ourselves and then meet for coffee but it seems much more intense than that. Since I was on both sides of this, I want to talk about a few different ways to handle this.

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